modern Architects : Cabin by Olson Kundig

 The cabin is five hundred square feet and is a private writers retreat and guest cottage.  Located on San Juan Island, Washington, the owners wanted the cabin to feel contacted to its setting, the climate, the wildlife and views. They also needed a structure that could be easily secured when not in use.

The cabin was designed as a glass house surrounded by three wooden slat decks that can be raised by a hydraulic system of wires, rope, pivoting sheaves and lead blocks, that serves as shutters.  When open, the shutter decks are outdoor living spaces; when closed they secure the cabin.  The fireplace rotates 180 degrees to be enjoyed indoors or out.  An inverted roof with deep overhangs forces water to  drain to the rear of the cabin.

The cabin is a single room with a small kitchenette and a bathroom.  Finishes are restrained, punctuated only by a blackened steel inlay that bisects the floor from the fireplace to the slot window at the rear of the cabin.

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Ethnic Korean House Design

Korean not just famous cause of their movie and their talented actress and actors, but also their ethnic house design. The interior and theme is so different which make Korean house looking special

Minimalist Korean House Design
Modern Kitchen at The Korean House Design
Korean House Design with Wooden Floor Design
Minimalist Korean Garden Design
Korean House Design Looks so Great

The Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

 Nature works wonders. Impact on her person, as a rule, affects not the best way. But when it comes to botanical gardens, our intervention is intended only to highlight key points, leaving Mother Nature right to please us with their beauty. Here is a selection of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Enjoy!

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Tori Tori Restaurant by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio

Mexico City-based studio Rojkind Arquitectos and design workshop Esrawe Studio have completed the Tori Tori project in 2011.
This Japanese restaurant is located in Polanco, a group of seven official neighborhoods in Mexico City.

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House R by Roger Christ

 German architect roger christ designed a home that’s simplified by an elegance of contemporary style. The House R is a four-storey home where each floor is connected by an open stairway and an elevator. Access to this home is attainable through a forecourt and a ramp.

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 From Particles Gallery, a curvy porcelain water jug that requires thoughtful handling, it can rest spout up ready to serve or spout down to "shelter" a matching cup.

"When full, the Jug balances on the table; when empty, you can turn it upside down again to cover the cup." More at Aldo Bakker. Photos: Erik and Petra Hesmerg.

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Indian Ethnic Kitchen Design

Did you know why this theme are Indian Ethnic Kitchen Design? why must be ethnic? the reason is cause of India are known and famous cause of their ethnic concept. So, you can see the real Indian design at their ethnic kitchen design. Which are making special at India kitchen not only the design of room but also their kitchen equipment, so unique and looks so ethnic

Indian Ethnic Kitchen Design with Wooden Theme
Best Indian Ethnic Kitchen Equipment
Full Colors Indian Ethnic Kitchen Design
Indian Semi Ethnic Kitchen Design

Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

Do you want to do some changes on the decorations you have at home? Interior design is a control that looks after designing interiors of the space at your home. It is a good idea to gather home interior design ideas from different sources that will help you to achieve the design you want and to make something good for your plan. There are tips that will help you find interior design ideas for your home. The library is a good place to start your search for interior design ideas at home. You can find a wide collection of books that can help you grasp the basics of interior decorating.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

Even if you don't consider yourself as a creative person; there is a good possibility that you can pick up a few ideas that would be useful in evaluating various options for interior design. The Internet is one of the excellent sources for your home design ideas. Along with images and information on mixing different colors and textures, you can find model floor plans to help you in furniture placement within the spaces of your home. An online resource is free so you can bookmark the sites that give you with the most motivation and visit them in your free time.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

Asking for help from a friend is another way of collecting a few ideas. In this case, it is also important to ask help from anyone who has knowledge in putting together. Request that person to come over and evaluate the home you want to rebuild. This will let you get several ideas on what style you want to go with as well as what color combination, window treatment, and other vital aspects of the project. Another selection is calling the service of qualified designers.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

The designers can evaluate many disciplines to improve the purpose, safety and aesthetics of interior spaces, speak with him about your likes and dislikes and she can give you other sets of home interior design ideas.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

Every set of ideas should consist of the estimation of what would be the cost for the decorator to knob all the details for you. In addition, some designers will charge a fee for the moment they've assessed the space and prepared the design ideas for your assessment. If the resources are limited but you still want professional advice, re designers are still a good option.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

They are the decorating professional in this kind of work same as interior designers. Re designers will help you with your present property in making a new look for the room. This is instead of buying original furniture and accessories.
Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Sweet Home

While interior re designers will assist you in searching the house to discover additional furniture and various materials, they can definitely make your old room seem fresh and attractive. With all these interior design ideas for your home, it's your choice if you still want to push through with the resources that will accomplish the target you have in mind for your home

Modern Home Furniture For Your Sweet Home

Modern Home Furniture For Your Sweet Home

Furniture is one of the most vital objects in each and every home. A person takes tremendous interest in planning and designing each and every part of their house, so that it can truly reflect their lifestyle in a straightforward manner. The market is flooded with varieties of styles and themes of furniture items that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best among them.
Modern Home Furniture For Your Sweet Home

Selection of home furniture is not an easy task and is one of the daunting challenges you have to face. Hence, be careful before you buy anything for your house. The days have gone where furniture was made from wood only, now-a-days furniture are made from wood, steel, glass, plastic, leather, granite and the list tends to be endless. As you are having lot of options, you can choose different themes for each and every part of your house to make it look unique and special.
Modern Home Furniture For Your Sweet Home

With the passage of time the design in furniture has also changed. But it is always advisable to choose the latest or modern one other than going for an outdated one. Furniture has always been center of attraction in any house because it indirectly reflects royalty and style, so be wise when choosing modern furniture items for your house.
Modern Home Furniture For Your Sweet Home

There are so many varieties available in modern furniture; one can easily spruce up their home, be it living room, Bedroom or dinning room furniture. Living room is one of the important parts of house where families and guest spend more time together. So outdated furniture in the living room may embarrass you from welcoming your relatives and guests.
Modern Home Furniture For Your Sweet Home

Decorating living room with leather sofa accompanied by wonderful sprawl chairs will definitely make your room one of the most beautiful and fascinating place as desired by you. Besides these, if you are willing to get more modernized look then you can go for various modern furniture objects like bookshelves, beautiful paintings on the wall, newspaper stand, coffee table, ottoman and even curios.

Bedroom is place where everybody spends their spare time and relaxes themselves. So the furniture theme has to be very eye-pleasing and beautiful. You can opt for wooden bedroom sets or plush leather; you can also go for modern dresser, benches and wardrobes, which add charm to room's beauty. There are so many modern items that can make you feel like you are in paradise when in you are in bedroom.

Dining place is also an important place where families spend more time together. Also a center of attraction a place of meeting and discussion other than just a place of dinner. Elegantly designed glass tables or beautifully carved wooden tables are one of the modern furniture items that will definitely give your kitchen one of the most fascinating and modern look as desired by you.

Modern home furniture is so eye-pleasing that you always feel refreshed and energized. They are also long lasting and durable as they are made from strong material like wood, metal etc. No matter if you are going to buy furniture for individual room or for entire house, modern furniture would bring peace and prosperity in your life.

Online furniture stores are the easiest way to buy different kinds of modern home furniture. Through online store you will be able to get modern home furniture items of top brands at affordable rates.

Hawaiian Bedroom Design Ideas

Hawaii become so famous cause of the beauty of the beach, in there also many culture and style we can see, such as decorating home style in there. For you who are love the beaches house design, you can also apply this Hawaiian bedroom design for your lovely bedroom design

Hawaiian Bedroom Design with Cute Palm Tree
Unique Hawaiian Bedroom Design
Ultra Modern Hawaiian Bedroom Design
Elegant Hawaiian Bedroom Design with Few Plants Accessories
Luxury Hawaiian Bedroom Design Looks so Fresh


The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur is located in a city of majestic palaces and beautiful lakes. Designed as a traditional Indian palace, the Oberoi Udaivilas captures all the romance and splendor of a royal era. Walking inside the hotel is like traveling back in time. The semi-open rooms with balconies and private swimming pools are a unique feature of Udaivilas. Its luxurious spa overlooking the lake is a haven of serenity, experts take care of the body and soul of guests. The grand setting combined with palatial architecture and a beautiful spa offers an experience created exclusively for those who know there is nothing like too much luxury.

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